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Copywriter at Media Arts Lab - Los Angeles

My name is Imen Soltani. I’m a copy writer, hailing from the northernmost point of the African continent: Tunisia, a place of wonders, where pasta is eaten with bread and a government has won the Nobel Prize. I collect movie frames, I'm Mediterranean in my ways, annoyingly optimistic, and willing to show ankle for a good cup of coffee.



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Grand Prix Cannes Lions (Fr, 2017)

Titanium Cannes Lions (Fr, 2017)

7x Gold Cannes Lions (Fr, 2017)

4x Silver Cannes Lions (Fr, 2017)

5x Bronze Cannes Lions (Fr, 2017)

Best of Show Pencil One Show (US, 2017)

2x Best of Discipline One Show (US, 2017)

2x Gold Pencils One Show (US, 2017)

Merit One Show (US, 2017) 

Yellow Pencil D&AD (UK, 2017)

2x Wood Pencils D&AD (UK, 2017)

3x New Blood Pencils D&AD (UK, 2017)

Grand Prize New York Festivals (US, 2017)

2x First Prize New York Festivals (US, 2017)

Gold Cube ADC Global (US, 2017)



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